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Blue Rio

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  • I’ve shot several different Rio loads over the past five years and they’ve never failed.
    My upland preference is an offering they’ve branded as a “Texas Game Load” a 2.75″ shell with an #8 or #7.5, 1.25 oz. loads, boosted to the muzzle at a very respectable 1250 fps.
    But no matter what Rio load I’ve used, the results afield have all been – outstanding!

  • I live in North Texas and Rio has opened up a plant I think in Kilgore or some place in East Texas.Are they ever going to have tours it is brand new state of Art factory?

  • How satisfactorily do Rio Target shells hold up to reloading? I assume their primers are 0.001″ oversized when compared to American made shells. Is that correct? Finally, is their base wad paper, or a more durable material?

  • RIO is about all I shoot. However, sometimes they are hard to find on the shelf, but becoming more common. Most of the time I order them online. Also, they offer a 1 oz load in 28 gauge.
    I have found it to be a great load…

  • just picked up a mixed case of Rio Bismuth for waterfowl and use in vintage guns where non-tox is mandatory…

  • Nice Parker shotgun shown, with the deceased Sharp-tail Grouse. My guess is- a later Ilion mfg. 12 bore “Old Reliable” possibly in a Skeet gun configuration-just a guess.

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