January/February 2021

Shooting Sportsman Magazine
On the cover: A Westley Richards droplock engraved by Bradley Tallett. Photograph courtesy of Westley Richards.


Perfection by Design

The Westley Richards ‘droplock’: a stroke of gunmaking genius
by Vic Venters

A Driven Dedication

The unsurpassed shooting of Bettws Hall
by Chris Batha

A Parker Repro Collection

A visual feast of rare smallbores
by David Trevallion

The Scale of Quail

Gunning for running blue quail
by Garhart Stephenson


From the Editor

The pandemic’s cost for conservation


Quail-article plaudits, 28-gauge thoughts, remembering Ted Lundrigan and more

The Opener

Chancing upon Huns in the hoarfrost

Game & Gun Gazette

A new AyA, A Girl & A Gun, decoy donations, eulogizing Cyril Adams


Gear Guide

Upland jackets for the field and street 
by Ralph Stuart

The Gun Rack

The Fabarm Autumn
by Ralph Stuart


Indoor exercises to keep your shooting sharp
by Chris Batha

From the Bench

Concluding a “G-Gun” restoration
By Claudio Opacak with Vic Venters

Shot Talk

The long & short of barrel length and ballistics
by Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

Considering the human factor in dog training
By Mark Coleman


Facing the growing problem of feral hogs
by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

Gun Review

The ATA Elegant Sideplate
Game Gun
: fit for the field
by Bruce Buck

Field Gear

Versatile gear for when  it’s “go time” again
by The Editors

Going Places

That family-farm feeling  at Heritage 1865
by Reid Bryant

To the Point

Fond memories of a
Remington 870 Wingmaster
by Tom Huggler

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