Breezy day in Central Montana

A short rest during a mid-October pheasant hunt near Belt, Montana, with my springer, Chuff, imitating a wind sock.

Submitted By: Albert Byno

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  • Just curious, I was in Winnett (MT) in the middle of October and found there to be far fewer pheasant than years past. How was your hunt?

    • Oh my God, James, absolutely horrible! In two days–one at Belt, another at Geyser–my son and I put in 26 miles and each of us killed the one and only pheasant we had a shot at. And we saw NO Huns or sharps. Central Montana bird populations–at least on places I hunt–are the worst I’ve seen in 32 seasons. Let’s hope the winter is milder and the spring warmer in 2019.

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