Heritage 1865 FAQs

The Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge Program recently had a quick Q&A session with Heritage 1865 co-owner Abby Ewing. It gave us a chance to learn more about this wonderful, family-run Iowa upland lodge.

Where is your lodge located?

Promise City is in south-central Iowa, about an 80-minute drive from Des Moines. Airport pick-up/drop-off (Des Moines) is included in the standard package.

What bird species do you offer and what is the limit?

We hunt two species for which Iowa is famous: ring-necked pheasants and bobwhite quail. We hunt them from September through March, and the limit is three roosters and eight quail. We also offer a no-limit option for guests who prefer bigger bags.

What is your hunter-to-guide ratio?

We can take up to eight people on a hunt, but we will not hunt more than four hunters per guide.

What is the terrain and cover like?

We hunt agricultural fields and native grasses located amidst slightly rolling, low-elevation terrain. It is not physically taxing, and it makes it very easy to watch and admire the dogwork.

Do you hunt with pointing or flushing dogs? Can a hunter bring and hunt with his/her dog—and if so, where will the dog stay?

We have both. Some guests bring their own dogs, which is fine with us. We have nice kennel facilities where they’ll be warm and comfortable.

Do you welcome non-hunting spouses—and if so, what is there for them to do?

Yes! Most of the time spouses will relax, read a book by the fireplace or, if the weather is nice, sit outside by the water. We also have taken spouses to nearby towns with antique shops and bakeries!

How is your lodging managed? Single or double occupancy? Main lodge/cabins?

We have a beautiful, spacious main lodge that has eight beds in four bedrooms. We are set up for double occupancy but can often arrange for single occupancy, depending on the group size. Also, parties of five or more hunters will have exclusive use of the lodge during their stay.

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