Five Must-Haves for Every Waterfowler

Travis Vacek

Born and raised in South Dakota, Travis Vacek is passionate about waterfowl hunting. An Assistant Store Leader for SCHEELS in Sioux Falls, SD, Travis loves hunting ducks and geese and has done so throughout the Midwest, in Western Canada and in Argentina. For more than 20 years Travis has spent two to three weeks every fall hunting in Canada. His favorite aspect of waterfowling is hunting with his dog, which he trained himself, and this is a major factor when it comes to the amount of time he commits to hunting. Having spent much of his life chasing waterfowl, Travis knows how important having the right gear is to being successful. Here are Travis’s Top 5 Must-Have Items that he takes with him on every hunt.

SCHEELS Outfitters Shell Shockers XLT Blind Bag

The new SCHEELS Outfitters Shell Shockers XLT Blind Bag is made of the toughest materials and loaded with useful features to store everything in.

Sitka Delta Zip Waders

It’s important to stay dry when hunting, and Sitka Delta Zip Waders are the ultimate for hunters seeking unmatched quality and performance.

SCHEELS Outfitters A-Frame Blind

The SCHEELS Outfitters A-Frame Blind offers next-level concealment. It’s constructed of lightweight-yet-durable aluminum tubing and has a built-in carrying strap for easy transport.

Fenix HM70R Rechargeable Headlamp

The Fenix HM70R Rechargeable Headlamp makes setup at dawn or dusk a breeze. It has a high-capacity battery for 100 continuous hours of run time.

Walkers' Bluetooth Hearting Enhancer

Hearing protection is a must, and Walkers’ Bluetooth Hearing Enhancer is the best for the job. It provides clear sound enhancement, noise reduction and Bluetooth capabilities.


Everyone needs a dog, as it takes the waterfowling experience to the next level!

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