Five Things to Do at Leen's Lodge

Leen's Lodge Grand Lake Stream

There’s nothing quite like an October bird hunt in eastern Maine. And there’s no better place to experience such a trip than at Leen’s Lodge, in the tiny hamlet of Grand Lake Stream. Leen’s is a mecca for ruffed grouse and woodcock hunters from all over the world. The hunting can indeed be spectacular, but there’s more to a trip than just chasing birds. Here are five additional things you’ll want to do during your visit to Leen’s Lodge.

Enjoy the Foliage

Maine is world famous for its fall foliage. Leaf-peeping in New England is a life-list item for millions of vacationers, and there is no better place to enjoy the colorful show than in the most heavily forested state in the Lower 48. It is virtually impossible to be more fully immersed in spectacular foliage than on a Leen’s bird hunt. It is the constant backdrop of every waking hour.

Eat a Lobster

In addition to its foliage, Maine is world famous for its lobster. Eighty percent of the world’s cold-water lobster comes from coastal Maine. No visit to the Pine Tree State is complete without a lobster dinner, and Leen’s has you covered. If you are more of a turf than surf person, don’t despair! Lodge owner Scott Weeks makes a mean prime rib that is cooked sous vide for hours before being roasted. The result is phenomenal.

See a Moose

Maine is also world famous for its moose. (Notice the trend here?) There are more of the large ungulates in Maine than in any other state except Alaska, and your bird-hunting activities will put you in the heart of prime moose habitat. That said, moose are not always easy to spot amidst the golden foliage, but if you keep your eyes peeled, chances are good that you’ll spy one of the big critters. Keep in mind, too, that they can show up anywhere. In other words, a sighting is just as likely to occur in Leen’s driveway as it is in some spectacular bird covert miles from the lodge.

Leen's Lodge Woodcock Hunting

Tour the Lodge

Grand Lake Stream—and Leen’s in particular—has been hosting celebrity “sports” for 100 years. If you look closely at the lodge décor, you’ll see evidence of their presence. The best way to do this is to grab a morning coffee or an evening cocktail and take a little tour of Leen’s social and dining areas. You won’t get far without finding traces of a Major League MVP or movie star who has also enjoyed coffee and cocktails at Leen’s.

Hit the Deck

Leen’s Lodge is perched on a peninsula that juts into West Grand Lake. The lodge’s deck overlooks the water and is the perfect place to take in the postcard scenery. Whether you make the deck “ground zero” for sundowners or simply pop out to get a better look at a passing loon, you’ll be taking advantage of a simple amenity that further enhances your Maine experience.

Leen's Lodge is a full-service Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge. To learn more or to make a reservation, call 207-796-2929 or email

Photographs courtesy of Leen's Lodge.

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