Sporting Art Stays Strong

In a difficult year for bird hunters, one area of our little world has proved itself practically bulletproof.

Garbi Introduces the Partridge \ Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Garbi Introduces the Partridge

Garbi has available a new 28-bore side-by-side called the Partridge—a name intended to conjure images of shooting driven redlegs in Spain.

First from the Field | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

First from the Field

Hunters who practice during the off-season and who develop smooth, fluid gun mounts typically are the first to bag limits of doves.

Heed the Call of the Uplands | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Heed the Call of the Uplands

With its Call of the Uplands campaign, Pheasants Forever/Quail Forever intends to raise $500 million for the next generation of conservationists.

Canine Acuity | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Canine Acuity

Anyone who has owned bird dogs knows the road to understanding their behavior runs both ways: We learn as much as we teach—and sometimes a lot more.