I Get Questions | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

I Get Questions

When it comes to shotshells, some of the areas of greatest confusion involve pressures, inertia and shotstringing.

Snow Roost | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Snow Roost

A sneak peek from a snow-roosting prairie chicken.

Wingshooting in Africa | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Wingshooting in Africa

South Africa offers a variety of wingshooting challenges, from hunting over pointing dogs to driven guinea fowl to pass-shooting pigeons (shown here).

Dad Was a Duck Hunter | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Dad Was a Duck Hunter

An active sportsman all his life, it was only natural that he loved to hunt waterfowl.

Eldridge Hardie | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Eldridge Hardie 1940 - 2021

Eldridge Hardie, one of the preeminent sporting artists of our time and a man of great humanity, integrity and a steely but lightly worn resolve, passed away August 11 following a heart attack.

Developing a Trailing Dog

Developing a Trailing Dog

Trailing is something that a dog wants to do instinctively, and it is a valuable ability when trying to recover a bird that has been hit but has run off.

Shot Talk

Common-Sense Waterfowling

Common-sense waterfowlers shoot modest-velocity loads, which have
just as much lethality and usually better patterns than high-velocity loads.