Upland Boots

Booting Up

Wear-testing the latest crop of upland boots.

Gearing Up

Gearing Up

Here are some new items for wingshooters that might help you achieve your gunning goals.


Grouse of a Feather

Which spot in the vast North Woods would give me an exemplary feel for both the hunting and the hunters? The answer came from Minnesota photographer Lee Kjos, who during a phone conversation mentioned Little Moran and its proprietor, Steve Grossman.

Mike Stewart

Balance in Training

Effective training is a continuous, cyclical progression involving planning, teaching, revisiting established skills and evaluation. — Mike Stewart

The Well-Dressed Wingshooter

The Well-Dressed Wingshooter

Here are six ensembles that range from hardcore hunting to country casual, each from purveyors of fine products that celebrate the wingshooting life.


New Gear of the Year

Here are a few of the new-for-2016 products that I believe are worth investing in this season. — David Draper


Doves & Pigeons with South Pioneers

Associate Editor Ed Carroll spent four days in early June shooting with South Pioneers in San Luis Province, Argentina. He brought back this one-minute video showing the streams of eared doves and spot-wing pigeons flowing over his shooting blind.


Products for Your Pooch

Hunters have come up with many products to help dogs and dog owners, including this short list that we’re excited about this season.