Duck-Season Details

Going into the season, young dogs should be familiar with the situations they may encounter—such as climbing onto and retrieving from a marsh stand.

Measuring Tools Courtesy of Robert Louis Company

Measuring Tools

What you need to measure a gun properly are the right tools. Enter the Shotgun Combo Gauge and the BoreMaster, from Robert Louis Company.

Pursell Farms

Pursell Farms

Conveniently located in both the middle of nowhere and a little more than an hour’s drive from Birmingham, Alabama, is Pursell Farms, a 3,200-acre destination where quiet angles of repose collide serendipitously with opportunity and fulfillment.

Kent Cartridge

Loading Up with Kent

Never in my more than 40 years of covering shotshells have I seen a greater number of new loads introduced than Kent Cartridge has brought out in 2018. It’s almost an explosion!

Bringing Back a Dougall

Bringing Back a Dougall

This J.D. Dougall, with its diminutive action, was in rough shape when purchased. Refurbishing it involved a complete restocking and making all new screws from scratch.