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Thoughts on Triggers | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Thoughts on Triggers

A fine shotgun is a synthesis of form and function. One might make the case that quality, as defined by a shotgun, is the...

Stripping and Relaying Ribs | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Stripping and Relaying Ribs

While I think there are many aspects involved in assessing the overall condition of a gun, the integrity of the barrels is the one most commonly overlooked.

Florian Barthélémy, Gunmaker

Florian Barthélémy, Gunmaker

Have you heard the old story of a gun taking so long to build because the maker is waiting for the tree to grow for the stock?

New Hampshire themed gun

The Granite State Gun

This custom Fox is engraved with New Hampshire’s state motto and flower and a rock formation called the “Old Man of the Mountain.” Granite texture replaces checkering.