From the Bench

Shoot Like a King!

Shooting driven red-legged partridge is, without a doubt, some of the world’s most exciting and challenging wingshooting, and it is a favorite sport of...

The Humble Screw

There are many instances where small, seemingly innocuous things are, in fact, of monumental importance. I am reminded of a new pair of hunting...

oil finishing on gun

The Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish

There is an unparalleled moment in the gunmaking process that takes place when, having sanded a raw walnut gunstock to a point of uniform...

Barrel Regulation

To the layman, a fine double gun is a gesture of artistry and craft, the ingenuity of which is largely apparent even to the untrained eye

Thoughts on Triggers | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Thoughts on Triggers

A fine shotgun is a synthesis of form and function. One might make the case that quality, as defined by a shotgun, is the...

Stripping and Relaying Ribs | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Stripping and Relaying Ribs

While I think there are many aspects involved in assessing the overall condition of a gun, the integrity of the barrels is the one most commonly overlooked.