Barrett’s New Sovereign Shotguns

The Beltrami (top) and the Albany have matching engraving designed from a Barrett family heirloom. Courtesy Barrett Sovereign.
Attendees at this year’s SHOT Show, in Las Vegas, were in for a shock when they visited the Barrett Firearms Manufacturing booth. Well known for its innovative, high-powered tactical rifles, Barrett was introducing its line of Sovereign sporting shotguns: the Albany over/under and the Beltrami side-by-side.

Readers with a broader interest in guns have no doubt heard of Barrett. The Tennessee-based company revolutionized large-caliber rifles for military use. The US military has been using shoulder-mounted .50-caliber Barrett-made field rifles since 1990. The invention of the .50-caliber shoulder rifle by Ronnie Barrett is the enterprising legacy upon which the designers of the Sovereign shotguns have drawn.

The Beltrami and the Albany share the company’s design vision: “Perform. Never Pretend.” The guns are built by an Italian maker, with actions and barrels that have proven sturdy, dependable and effective. Because of the quality construction, Barrett will not have to do any final finishing before the guns are delivered to buyers.

The Beltrami has a coin-finished boxlock action with highly engraved sideplates fitted to a straight stock. It is available in 12 and 20 gauge with 3" chambers and 26", 28" and 30" barrels fitted with a splinter forend. The single trigger is non-selective. The 28-gauge version has 2¾" chambers and 28" barrels. Unlike the 12 and 20, the 28-gauge is fitted with a semi-beavertail forend, which is a nice touch for a gauge that can be inherently whippy.

The Albany is also a coin-finished boxlock with sideplates, a single non-selective trigger and matching barrel/gauge configurations. What sets the Albany apart from most other Italian O/Us is the fully rounded action and sideplates. The flowing lines of the Albany continue throughout the gun with a Prince of Wales grip paired to a rounded forend.

The guns have matching engraving designed from a Barrett family heirloom. The family signet ring was a gift for founder Ronnie Barrett’s father before he went to fight in World War II. The ring’s engraved “B” matches the “B” on each Sovereign shotgun, to which the Italian maker designed a complementary floral scroll engraving pattern.

Each gun is fitted with Grade 3 Turkish walnut, and stock dimensions are: 14½" length of pull, 1½" drop at comb, 2½" drop at heel, with cast-off and a toe standard for right-handed shooters. The stocks are fitted with a ½" rubber pad, allowing shooters to add a more substantial pad to increase the LOP. The gun includes a Negrini case and five choke tubes (Cylinder to Full) in their own protective case.

Barrett has plans to market a line of Sovereign vests, shell pouches, game bags and other shooting and hunting apparel in the near future. The company also said that the Sovereign line will grow with sporting clays and field-grade models. Barrett will service the shotguns at its facility in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, with manufacturer-supplied replacement parts.

Albany 12- and 20-gauge O/Us have a suggested retail price of $5,490, and the 28-gauge is $5,790. The Beltrami side-by-side 12- and 20-gauges have a suggested retail price of $6,040 and the 28-gauge $6,540.

For more information, contact Barrett Sovereign, 615-896-2938 —Nelson Freeman


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