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The Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge Program continues its "behind the scenes" series with Ameri-Cana Expeditions, in East Central, Alberta. Co-owner Dan Frederick was happy to answer a few questions about the lodge . . . .

SSM: How long have you been at Ameri-Cana Expeditions, and what compelled you to get involved with the lodge?
Dan Frederick: Ameri-Cana is a family-owned company now operated by the second generation. The business was established in 1985 by my father, Pat Frederick. With a strong upbringing of hunting, fishing and the outdoors, it was the natural path for my brother, Nick, and I to take after our father. Nick and I have been both guiding waterfowl & deer hunters in Alberta for well over 25 years.

SSM: What’s a typical day of hunting like at Ameri-Cana?
DF: An early rise and a quick breakfast before the group heads out to the previously scouted grainfield for ducks and geese. A quick-but-knowledgeable setup of decoys and the blind prior to sunrise. Some spectacular Alberta waterfowl hunting, and then a photo shoot of the morning’s harvest. A quick teardown of the gear, and then back to the comfortable lodge for a hearty brunch. A few hours of down time, and then out to another field for the evening hunt. After that it is back to the lodge for another tasty meal prepared by our chef. A bit of relaxation before bed, and then do it all over again the next day.

SSM: What aspects of your operation seem to impress guests the most?DF: Guests are constantly complimenting the professional and friendly nature of our staff. Our 3,600-square-foot lodge with private bedrooms and bathrooms has always made our guests’ stays very comfortable, but of course the excellent waterfowling experience on top of all the amenities is icing on the cake.

SSM: What is your favorite item on the dinner menu?
DF: Our chef never disappoints with any meal. There is always a variety of food, and the buffet-style serving allows guests to enjoy as much as they can handle each day. An example of supper would be bacon-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with spinach and cheese served with rice and vegetables.

SSM: What part of the job do you find the most gratifying?
DF: Seeing the clients in the field enjoying the world-class shooting that we offer. Hearing them say, “We’ll be back next year,” is a good feeling that we all work toward.

SSM: What has you the most excited about the coming season?DF: Meeting new guests who share our passion for waterfowling, and reuniting with repeat clients—some of whom have been coming for more than 25 years. But most of all spending time in the fields and enjoying everything the Alberta Prairies have to offer waterfowlers like us.

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