TriStar Arms Hunter EX 28-Gauge

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By Ed Carroll
Photograph by Chris Siefken

TriStar Arms—“The Value Experts”— imports inexpensive firearms, including autoloading, pump and over/under shotguns. We wanted to check out this 28-gauge from the company’s range of Turkish-made over/unders, to learn what a $669 (MSRP) shotgun looks and feels like.

Overall, the Hunter EX was both predictable and surprising: It takes some corner-cutting to reach this price-point (and the gun can be found for considerably less). Yet this is a decent, lightweight 28 for the money. This should be a fun starter gun, and there is a generous five-year mechanical warranty.

For more information, contact TriStar Arms.

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  1. says: Jeff Jarrett

    First off I’m a Beretta guy and have been for over 25 years. I recently bought a Turkish made Yildiz 20ga side by side. The Turkish walnut is beautifully marbles and finished. The engraving isn’t quite up to my Berettas but quite handsome. I quail hunted with it last week in South Georgia and found it to be a joy! Lighter than my other Italian 20ga guns, pointed exceptionally well and had zero malfunctions. This is my first SxS. Needless to say, I’m truly impressed! The Brits like these guns as I’ve seen them as sponsors for their uber traditional bird hunts.

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  3. says: Dave Buehner


    The Turkish SXS double guns have come a long way in the past few years. I own a CZ Bob White 28 gauge and a Huglu Special order 28 gauge also. These are my 1st SXS Turkish made guns, I was leery because of the problems with trigger pull and doubling on their early guns.

    Got to say the CZ 28 is a real nice DT gun with trigger pull in the 4.0 range the Huglu is Trigger plate round body engineering, and the gun is light, very good looking and the SST has a 3.8 trigger pull. Both guns come with screw in chokes.

    If the new Turkish made guns have the same quality as mine, it looks like the Turkish guns are now mid level guns, not entry level any more. Comparing them to a Classic American side Lock SXS double gun, the Turkish guns still have a long way to go, with many of their offerings. However I am very satisfied with the articulation and the over all quality of the new CZ & Huglu Turkish made 28 gauge SXS double guns that I purchased.

    all the best,

    Pine Creek/Dave
    L. C. Smith Man

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