September/October 2018

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Editor’s Note by Ralph Stuart

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“Resistance is futile.”

So would come the warning from Star Trek’s Borg each time the aliens were preparing to assimilate new beings into their collective. And each time Kirk and crew would do everything in their power to resist—their protestations always just enough to avoid the inevitable.

These days I can’t help but think of the Borg when I consider social media. Time and again I hear people say that they have zero interest in jumping on the digital bandwagon, but then they realize that if they don’t get on board, they’ll be left in the dust. Of course, the difference between the Borg and social media is that becoming integrated with the latter is not a bad thing. There’s a lot to be said for sharing information and forming communities of like-minded people. In fact, different aspects of social media go beyond pure entertainment and can be downright helpful. It’s a matter of knowing where to look and how to apply proper filters once you get there.

In the past year Shooting Sportsman has become much more focused on our social efforts. We have learned that by reaching out to a larger audience through electronic channels, we can help generate more interest in wingshooting and bring more shooters into the fold.

We are so serious about growing our online communities that we recently brought on a team to help. Nat Brooks and Tom Sternal are co-founders of The Cordite Company, which offers media strategies and content development to the sporting industry. Both are avid bird hunters and target shooters and know how to tell compelling stories through words and images. They are excited to provide material of value and create a presence with purpose.

Their influence is already being felt on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and as we head into hunting season we’re looking forward to building things further through contests, photographer “takeovers” and great stories of adventures afield. Be sure to check out the efforts and follow along.

While you’re online, you’ll also want to visit our Reader Photo Gallery, where you can view—and contribute. Or participate on our new-and-improved Bulletin Board. And don’t forget to sign up for our electronic newsletter, Shooting Sportsman Insider. So many ways to keep in touch and informed.
Because remember: What you resist persists.

Ralph P. Stuart


Sharptails of the Badlands

Hard-earned ‘chickens’ in North Dakota

By Tom Davis

Fausti Turns 70

Celebrating a gunmaking milestone

By Silvio Calabi

By-Coastal Pheasants

V1 Ranch offers upland hunting near the Pacific

By Gary Kramer

An Engraver of ‘Bests’

The mysterious Purdey engraver Aristide Barré

By Douglas Tate

Mountain Trifecta

Up-and-down hunting for the Northwest’s ‘forgotten’ grouse

By E. Donnall Thomas Jr.


From the Editor

An invitation to explore our digital efforts


More celebrations of setters and a gun-cleaning question

The Opener

A rare opportunity at a wide-open woodcock

Game & Gun Gazette

Purdey’s new Trigger Plate gun, West Nile Virus, Gordy & Sons brush pants and more

Gun Review

The Fabarm Elos D2: one beautifully balanced shooter

By Bruce Buck

Field Gear

A selection that serves in the uplands

By The Editors

Going Public

Minnesota’s Walk-In Access program

By Greg Hoch

Going Places

Something for everyone at Alabama’s Pursell Farms

Miles Demott

To the Point

The great debate: pointing dog or flusher?

By Tom Huggler


Great advice for the sporting life

Gear Guide

All-in-one collars for locating & training

By Greg Mcreynolds


Remembering a “proper”-dove-shoot introduction

By Chris Batha

From the Bench

Bringing back a J.D. Dougall hammergun

By Delbert Whitman Jr.

Shot Talk

A bevy of new loads from Kent Cartridge

By Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

The cruel realities of canine cancer

By Marty Grabijas


Getting fired up about prescribed burning

By Miles Demott

On the cover: A ruffed grouse photographed by Jim McCann

Additional photos: Chris Siefken; Andrew Orr/Holt’s Auctioneers; Wide-Open Woodcock by Dean Pearson

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