The Purdey Trigger Plate

The Purdey Trigger Plate

Purdey Trigger Plate
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James Purdey & Sons

They call them archangels. Driven birds that come over so high that they seemingly scrape the sky. They are the birds that shooters covet—prized for the challenges they offer and the glory they can bring.

And what more glorious way to address such birds than with a gun purpose built for the task? A gun that combines tradition and functionality with grace and elegance. A gun like the new Purdey Trigger Plate.

Unveiled at the recent World Gunmakers Evening, in London, the Purdey Trigger Plate is an over/under designed to take tall birds with the stout cartridges they demand. It incorporates more than 200 years of gunmaking experience by a company known for producing only the finest shotguns and rifles.

When the craftsmen at James Purdey & Sons set out to create a high-bird gun, they knew what they wanted: a perfect blend of balance, handling, functional practicality and aesthetics. The trigger-plate action was therefore a natural—its simple, elegant design allowing for a robust gun that is easy to swing as well as maintain.

They also wanted the gun to be made in London—from start to finish in the workshop synonymous with “best.” So every part of the Trigger Plate is worked on by hand, and every gun goes through the seven stages of gunmaking that make a Purdey a Purdey.

The result speaks for itself. The Purdey Trigger Plate is a beauty to hold and behold. It is fully bespoke, with options including barrel length, chamber length, choke configuration, engraving and case finish. Of course, the stock can be made to the customer’s measurements, allowing for a perfectly fitted gun for any style of shooting.

And that is what this gun is made for: shooting. Having been tested with 150,000 cartridges, it has proven that it can stand up to a lifetime of use. So whether the challenge is tall pheasants or towering clays, when only the best will do, the Purdey Trigger Plate is the gun of choice for today’s sportsman.

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