Fausti DEA Sport

Fausti DEA Sport

Fausti’s DEA line of boxlock side-by-side shotguns just got a new addition, and it is not merely the usual cosmetic extension.

The Sporting Art of Eldridge Hardie

A Passion for Painting

The Sporting Art of Eldridge Hardie presents the full panoply of this artist’s superb paintings plus a glimpse into his life, manner of working, and passion for upland hunting, angling and waterfowling.

Federal Ammunition

TSS: What It Is and Isn’t

TSS has been receiving a lot of hype lately. If you are a turkey hunter, you no doubt have noticed that several US shotshell manufacturers have begun offering TSS turkey loads. And TSS now is being marketed to waterfowl and upland hunters.

Re-jointing a Gun

Re-jointing a Gun

All break-action guns eventually become loose and need to be repaired. If not remedied, the condition will have dire consequences for the gun.


KAMO’s Missions for Good

Last year K-9 Adoption and Mentoring Outdoors—KAMO, by its catchy acronym—was founded by lifelong sportsman Trent Leichleiter for the dual purpose of adopting out dogs from the sporting industry and introducing more people to outdoor pursuits like hunting, fishing and shooting.


Patagonia Pause

A few years ago writer Reid Bryant and I spent a week in Patagonia chasing valley quail through the foothills of the Andes.