Dog of the Year 2018 Contest

Dog of the Year

Nominate your faithful, four-legged hunting companion for 2018 Dog of the Year

Kent Cartridge

Loading Up with Kent

Never in my more than 40 years of covering shotshells have I seen a greater number of new loads introduced than Kent Cartridge has brought out in 2018. It’s almost an explosion!

Beretta Rudy Project Puull Eyeglasses

Fresh for Fall

It’s hard to think about fall when you’re mowing the lawn or lounging by the pool, but hunting season is only weeks away.

Gordy & Sons Men’s Brush Pants

Gordy & Sons Men’s Brush Pants

The new lightweight brush pants from Gordy & Sons, Outfitters, in Houston, may be the coolest hunting pants you’ll ever wear—and I don’t mean just fashion-wise.

Fabarm Elos D2

Fabarm Elos D2

At first glance, the new Fabarm Elos D2 over/under may seem similar to previous Fabarm Elos models, but it has undergone a number of changes—one of which makes a world of difference.