New Rizzinis from Gordy’s

New Rizzinis from Gordy’s
This new 20-gauge side-by-side has a sidelever and hand engraving by Bottega Giavonelli.

By Ed Carroll
Last June Gordy & Sons Outfitters Retail Director Mike Burnett expressed excitement about a range of custom guns from B. Rizzini that would wear the Gordy & Sons badge. With early examples making a splash at recent winter shows, the collaboration between the Houston outfitter and the well-known Italian gunmaker is ready to launch.

Designed to Burnett’s specifications, the showpiece of the new guns on display was a 20-gauge sidelock side-by-side with a Grant-style sidelever. Hand engraved by Bottega Giavonelli with full-coverage scroll, game scenes and “Gordy & Sons” in banners, the gun features beautiful walnut in a relaxed Prince of Wales grip and slender forearm, a hand-filed solid rib and a full bottom strap extending from the trigger guard to a grip cap engraved with the “G&S” mark. A sidelock over/under is also in the works and will be available with a choice of a sidelever or traditional toplever.

The range also includes side-by-sides and O/Us on more typical triggerplate actions with sideplated and rounded receivers.

The guns are built on scaled frames from 12 gauge to .410—including 24 and 32 bore—and can be thoroughly customized. Customers can choose barrel length, double or single triggers, and an automatic or manual safety, plus have their guns built to particular specifications for delivery in an anticipated eight months to one year. At press time Burnett said he had 35 orders for custom guns and had ordered an additional 60 guns for store inventory that would be customizable for stock dimensions.

Prices begin at $15,995 for triggerplate guns and $26,495 for sidelocks, and each gun comes in an airline-approved Negrini leather case. Rizzini USA will support a full lifetime warranty.

For more information, contact Gordy & Sons Outfitters.

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