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Primland is well known as a great place for walk-up hunting and driven shoots and is a nationally recognized golf, dining and outdoor-recreation destination.

Shooting Sportsman - Primland - October 2019
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The Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge Program continues its “behind the scenes” series with Primland, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of south-central Virginia. Vice President Steve Helms, with the company for 35 years, was happy to answer a few questions about the lodge . . . .

SSM: How long have you been at Primland, and what compelled you to get involved with the lodge?

Steve Helms: I was here long before the lodge was built and actually even before we started our hunting program, in the late 1980s. Several of the guides and I have seen a dramatic transformation, and it has been very interesting and fun being a part of it.


SSM: What’s a typical day of hunting like at Primland?

SH: Many of our guests stay overnight, so they get up to a nice hearty breakfast at Elements, our farm-to-table restaurant, and then may choose to warm up on our fully guided sporting clays range or 5 Stand setup. Afterward they meet their upland guide and are taken to the field in search of pheasants, quail and/or chukar with a brace of fine pointing dogs from our kennel. The hunts occur in plots of milo, sorghum and switchgrass in the hilly and scenic terrain along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. That’s the program for our walk-up hunters. We also offer driven pheasant shoots for those who want to experience the Edwardian tradition here in the US. Our driven shoots model the UK shoots, in which a line of Guns shoots a series of carefully orchestrated drives throughout the day. 


SSM: What aspects of your operation seem to impress guests the most?

SH: It’s hard to name just one, as I have heard so many—from the abundance of wildlife on our 12,000 acres; to the beauty of the southern Blue Ridge and the long-range vistas; to the immense variety of activities; to our luxury accommodations; to the food, Southern hospitality and local knowledge of our wonderful staff.

SSM: What is your favorite item on the dinner menu?

SH: While I enjoy the variety of fish and wild game, my favorite is the Wagyu steak. You can cut it with a fork.


SSM: What part of the job do you find the most gratifying?

SH: Being able to interact with our guests and knowing they’ll leave Primland with memories they will cherish forever.

SSM: What has you the most excited about the coming season?

SH: The number of driven shooting days we have scheduled. These are spectacular shoots, and this portion of our business continues to grow. The third annual Purdey shoot will be taking place, and I am particularly looking forward to that.

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