Fanzoj’s New Round Action

Fanzoj’s New Round Action
Courtesy of Johann Fanzoj
By Tom Sternal

Born of the Ferlach guild in southern Austria, Johann Fanzoj continues producing some of the most innovative and beautiful guns of the 21st Century. If that accolade sounds shockingly modern for a company founded 230 years ago and now in its ninth generation of family ownership, it is nevertheless true. 

Most recently associated with distinctive three- and four-barreled firearms (including a remarkably svelte 6½-pound triple-barreled shotgun), Fanzoj’s most recent development is a round-action shotgun built on a triggerplate action. Having all the lock parts on the trigger unit eliminates the cavities needed for internal parts and moves the balance point rearward. The result is a lively gun intended for both game and target shooting. 

The Round Action Shotgun is available in 20 gauge (2¾” or 3” chambers) with 28” to 30” chopper-lump barrels and Holland & Holland-style ejectors. There are double triggers and a manual safety, and the scalloped-back receiver is either case colored or silver. Engraving is a standard fine scroll, with custom engraving available on request. The gun can be choked to specifications, and interchangeable choke tubes are optional. The Circassian-walnut stock is crafted to the shooter’s dimensions. Weight is 6 pounds. 

Fanzoj will ship directly from Austria and already has produced guns with serial numbers 4 through 10 that currently are available. (Delivery times on custom guns are approximately 12 to 18 months.) Price is available on request.

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