January/February 2008


The Messenger

For 11 months out of the year Mr. M. Porter Maxwell, the Deacon, was a pillar, a rock, a brick. It was during that twelfth month that he went off the skids.

By: Bob McDill

A Drilling in Africa

A combination of fine wingshooting, plains game and high-fenced properties adds up to a true sportsman’s paradise.

By: Russ Gould

A Mexico Mixer

Mexico is a land of cactus-studded deserts, productive farmlands, pristine freshwater marshes and vast saltwater lagoons that provide some of the best wingshooting in North Ameica.

By: Gary Kramer

The Great Grouse of Lapland

Despite strong fraternal bonds between hunters of all nationalities, the fieldsports of other nations always seem a little strange.

By: Douglas Tate

Bosis Is the Mostest

In a global society, an increasingly international language of style is emerging, and Luciano Bosis knows it.

By: Douglas Tate

Challenge in the Pines

Southern plantation-style hunting can offer a legitimate wingshooting experience as long as it's done right.

By: E. Donnall Thomas Jr

A Toy No More

By fusing modern technology with old-fashioned craftsmanship, London’s James Purdey & Sons is producing doubles not only as beautiful as those from the Golden Age of British gunmaking but also often improved mechanically — and now in exquisite scaled .410 versions.

By: Vic Venters

Perusing the Gun Library

Cabelas features Gun Libraries in 17 of its 23 stores, with more coming soon.

By: Clair Kofoed



Adorin' Norin I was particularly pleased to read the article on David Norin (Fine Gunmaking) in November/December. I have a work of art by Norin in the form of an exquisite custom rifle that I acquired as part of a battery I was taking to Africa. I purchased the rifle on the basis of a description and

Game & Gun Gazette

The RBL-28, Reno shows, border quail, baggage issues

Fine Gunmaking

Turnbull’s shop offers the greatest variety of finishes in the US. His shop works on or restores approximately 1,500 firearms per year.

By: Steven Dodd Hughes


Eyes can play tricks, both with what they see and what they don’t.

By: Michael McIntosh

Shot Talk

One shotgunning absolute that’s certain is that recoil is a negative. Anything shotgunners can do to reduce recoil almost always improves their shooting.

By: Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

Proper training is not a mixture of fragmented exercises done randomly. Dog training is a series of building blocks.

By: George Hickox

Field Gear

Five new products to consider for your next adventure: BraeVal Skye Boatmen Boil Sweater/Vest; e+LITE by Petzl; Shooting Glasses by Rudy Project; Guide Jacket from Huntsmith Collection; and Tuffpak’s Take Down Case.

By: Tom Huggler

Gun Review

Currently you can get Beretta boxlock 28s in nine field grades and three sporting clays grades. In the middle of the pack is the Silver Pigeon V.

By: Bruce Buck

Book Review

Tracks, by Donald C. Jackson; Mastering Skeet, by King Heiple; Eley Cartridges, by C.W. Harding; Modern Shotgunning, by Dave Henderson

By: Charles Fergus

From the Editor

We're very proud of this issue of Shooting Sportsman. Not only is it our annual "safari" issue (to be distributed at the Safari Club International Convention, in Reno) but it also marks the beginning of our twentieth year in production-a milestone reached thanks to the hard work, dedication and passion

By: Ralph P. Stuart

The Major

Welcome to payback time.

By: Galen Winter


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