MacKenzie & Izzy

Mackenzie and Izzy

Post # 3 from our third prizewinner MacKenzie Smith. We're spending a little time getting to know her and her dog Izzy—and how it makes good sense for a veterinarian to also be a hunter.

"September Doves are our favorite. Most bird hunters pass on dove season. Lots of shooting, little reward. I need to shoot about six doves to even begin to make a meal for myself. Some states don't even have a season for these little birds! But here in the Carolina's, Izzy and I love it. The constant shooting, continuous bird flight overhead and quick retrieves make for an action-packed afternoon with this little pointer. She absolutely loves it! Dove hunting is the perfect "off-season" hobby for your bird dogs. It not only keeps them sharp, but it also keeps you accurate with your shotgun. Practice makes perfect, and the more you and your dog are in the field together, the better."

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