A Great New Training Tool

Garmin’s Xero S1
Photograph courtesy of Garmin
By Chris Batha

Through the years I have experimented with many different coaching cameras. The latest entry in the training-tool market is Garmin’s Xero S1 Trapshooting Trainer, which provides near real-time feedback and detailed analytics of every shot.

The Xero S1 is not attached to the gun barrel but sits on a tripod that is easy to set up. You simply place the unit on the ground in front of you pointing in the direction of the targets’ flight line. When a shot is taken, the Xero S1 uses Garmin Xero radar technology and computer vision to provide feedback on its five-inch monitor about a variety of information, including the distance from the center of the shot pattern to the center of the target, the clay’s distance when the trigger was pulled, and the shooter’s reaction time. Hit quality is categorized by a scoring method called “break factor.” There are even amazingly high-def replays of the shot-cloud impact point, or you can see where you missed with pinpoint accuracy.

The Xero S1 also can be used while practicing upland-hunting-type shots. My only reservation is that the wider positioning of traps to throw clays at greater angles could be a problem. However, I am sure that Garmin will address this issue soon.

The Xero S1 can be paired with a mobile device through the free Xero S app. The app records all shots, allowing for detailed analyses of “mystery misses” and hits, reviewing performance metrics and tracking historical tendencies.

The Xero S1 runs on a rechargeable battery with a 2½-hour run time or can be run on external power. Price: $1,000.

For more information, contact Garmin.


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