Holland & Holland 12 bores

I picked up this matching pair, sequential serial numbers, Holland & Holland 12 bores at the Vintage Cup in September. Made in 1889, they've been brought up to modern standards, i.e. sleeved, nitro proofed, etc. I placed 3rd out of 30 plus shooters in a SxS Sporting Clays Competition last week using the #2 gun. They'll be accompanying me to Firesteel Creek Lodge in two weeks for our annual reader/writer bird hunt.

Submitted By: Tony Masino

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  • Outstanding looking guns Tony. I couldn’t help but notice that the lower one pictured has what appears to be a checkered butt while the upper one has a recoil pad and different wood stock.. Was that part of the original configuration or part of your updating? Also is the case the original wood and leather case? It’s also gorgeous. Really doesn’t much matter because I’ve always wanted to own a Holland and Holland gun, a matched sequential pair is a fantasy way beyond belief. So jealous but happy to see these old guns being used in the way they were always intended.

  • Joseph,

    Sorry so late responding to your comment. The upper gun, #2, is all original wood, etc. from 1889. The bottom gun, #1, had the stock added sometime in the 60’s but the fore end is the original wood. And yes, the oak and leather case is original. Thanks again for your kind comments and good shooting/hunting to you.

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