Holland & Holland’s New Noble


Since 1883 Holland & Holland has called its best-quality gun the Royal. In a class by itself, the Royal has over the years incorporated every incremental improvement imaginable and is an authentic expression of highborn handcraft. Now the house of Holland & Holland has a new over/under called the Noble. According to H&H literature, the Noble is “manufactured and hand finished in our London factory” and is said to be made using “state-of-the-art processes”—strongly suggesting the use of space-age technology.

The gun has a Holland & Holland-designed, V-spring-powered triggerplate action; a single trigger; and a manual or automatic safety. Stocks are made of the finest Circassian walnut to customers’ measurements and are available in three grip styles. A gold oval engraved with initials or a crest is optional. The chopper-lump barrels come in 29” to 32” lengths, have 3” Magnum chambers and are steel-shot proofed. Teague multi-chokes are standard.

The Noble is initially available in 12 bore with a choice of three engraving patterns: “light” scroll, “Noble” scroll and “Deluxe” scroll with game scenes. The game-scene vignettes on the Deluxe version are the gun’s crowning achievement and were designed in-house by Kirsty Smith, Holland & Holland’s principal engraver. A brush-bright finish is standard, with a color-case-hardened finish available as an upgrade.

The price of a Noble is £75,000 ($94,500) for a “best gun,” with a Deluxe-grade gun costing £85,000 ($107,000).

For more information, email london@hollandandholland.com.

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