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Given the highly sought-after joys of pheasant hunting in the Midwest, Pheasant Bonanza, in Nebraska, certainly sounds like a prime destination to check out! The Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge Program recently added Pheasant Bonanza to its lineup of top-notch lodges, and we asked Chief Operating Officer Sheri Slatt a few questions about the wealth of hunting options and amenities offered there.


Where is your lodge located?

Our lodge is located 1 hour north of Omaha in Tekamah, Nebraska—prime pheasant-hunting country.

What bird species do you offer, and what is the limit?

We offer pheasants, chukar and quail, and we have no limit. We have European-style pheasant shoots also, plus some waterfowling packages (shooting teal, mallards and Canada geese).

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What is your hunter-to-guide ratio?

We only hunt five or fewer per group, and we do not mix groups.

What are the terrain and cover like?

We have flat and hilly ground. We plant alfalfa in our fields and mow strips for cover. Waterfowl hunts take place on our private pond.

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Do you hunt with pointing or flushing dogs? Can a hunter bring and hunt with his or her own dog?

Pheasant Bonanza hunts with both pointing and flushing dogs, and we love to have our guests bring their dogs! We have an on-site kennel with an inside and outside area for each dog.

Do you welcome non-hunting spouses—and if so, what is there for them to do?

We do welcome non-hunters. They often walk with the hunters, but if they would rather, they could go on a hike, read a book by the fireplace, sit outside by the fire and enjoy a glass of wine or just relax! Also, Pheasant Bonanza staff will gladly recommend activities to do locally in Tekamah, NE, such as Master's Hand—a bakery, boutique and more that self-advertises as "every woman's dream shop."

How is your lodging managed?

Our lodge manager, Kailen, takes care of all guests’ needs, and our amazing chef, Kris, provides five-star meals. Our unique, upscale Ben Schoonover Lodge features three stories with 15 spacious rooms. A freestanding fireplace extends through all three floors, providing a focal point for each floor’s designated lounge area, where hunting groups can relax privately between activities.

Pheasant Bonanza is a full-service Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge. To learn more or make a reservation, call 402-374-1765 or email

Photographs courtesy of Pheasant Bonanza.

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