Purdey Sporter Sunglasses

Gear to Go

When it is “go time” again, gear that serves in the field, at the lodge or en route will be appreciated.

Indoor Drills

Indoor Drills

Six simple drills that can be practiced indoors with a minimal amount of equipment.

The Classic Sporting Art of Bob White

A Collection of Classics

His works show an uncanny ability to transport the viewer to stunningly beautiful places and to the heart of sport.

A Girl & A Gun

A Girl & A Gun

The ladies-only national organization, founded in 2011, works to create a positive environment that supports women shooters and to generate opportunities for women in the shooting sports.

Pine Hill Plantation

The Draw of Mule-Drawn Wagons

Pine Hill Plantation is one of onl a few places where hunters can enjoy bobwhite hunting exclusively from horseback and mule-drawn wagon.


The Mallard Mystery

Researchers remain stumped as to why mallard numbers in the Atlantic Flyway have fallen 45 percent in the past 20 years.

Maynard Reece

Maynard Reece 1920-2020

Maynard Reece, the beloved artist hailed as the “King of the Federal Duck Stamp,” passed away in Des Moines, Iowa, where he’d lived since 1938.

Rod Crossman,

Smoke Rings

The draw of pipes for classic outdoor writers.