Get Schooled | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Get Schooled!

Taking a group lesson or attending a shooting school—such as the author’s British Driven Game Shooting Academy—is money and time well spent.

A Test of Training | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

A Test of Training

Training is everything and so is breed. Chester, a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon displays control and poise.

Bird Blades | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Bird Blades

A hunter needs a knife tailored to the tasks it will perform. Take a look at our picks for just such a tool.

Lost & Not Found | Shooting Sportsman

Lost & Not Found

Bird hunters like stuff, and we accumulate lots of it, which is why some things can be forgotten, misplaced or, gulp, lost.

The Mythical ‘Even’ Pattern | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

The Mythical ‘Even’ Pattern

Because gamebirds are almost always passing at angles through the shotstring, the chances of them lining up with a pattern "hole" are slim.

Clay-Breaking Gear | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Clay-Breaking Gear

Celebrate the end of a long winter indoors by heading to the range with some of the latest clay-breaking gear.

A Rocketing Rock! | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

A Rocketing Rock!

Interior Alaska is reserved for hunting ruffed and sharp-tailed grouse, but once winter arrives, the dogs and I turn to ptarmigan.

I Can See Clearly Now

I Can See Clearly Now

One key to making a better visual connection with the target is to use shooting glasses with the brightest/sharpest colored lenses for the conditions.