Winghaven Lodge

Winghaven Lodge

Five More Ways to Enjoy Winghaven Lodge

Winghaven offers some of the best-flying quail in the country in addition to a few other upland species, but a visit to the lodge is more than just about a great experience afield. Here are five other things you’ll want to be sure to do.

Bourbon & Bobwhites

Although bourbon is presently distilled in just about every state in America, the one most strongly associated with the corn-based whiskey is Kentucky.

Winghaven Lodge

Winghaven Lodge FAQs

America’s finest bobwhite quail hunting traditionally takes place on Southern plantations or Texas ranches. Russell Edwards, owner of Winghaven Lodge, would like the shooting world to know that his Kentucky hunt ranks right there with the best of them.

Winghaven Lodge

Bobwhites & Bourbon

Winghaven offers one of the country’s premier no-limit quail hunts on 3,000 acres of prime habitat.

Shooting Sportsman Magazine Endorsed Lodge Winghaven Lodge

Behind the scenes at Winghaven Lodge

The Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge program continues its “behind the scenes” series with Winghaven Lodge, in western Kentucky. Owner Russell Edwards was happy to...