Minnesota’s Walk-In Access

Minnesotans in the northern and northeastern parts of the state have endless miles of state and federal forests as well as other public areas on which to pursue grouse, woodcock and ducks.

Fishing Creek Farms

Fishing Creek Farms

Deep in the heart of Georgia’s Oconee National Forest exists a place difficult to find and even harder to forget.

Clay Target

Youth Shooting Sports

Ninety-two percent of the student-athletes participate in the clay-shooting disciplines of trap, skeet, sporting clays, bunker trap, trap doubles and international skeet.

The House of Winchester

The House of Winchester

Gun buffs who have a penchant for the big screen—and who don’t mind having their brush pants scared off—will want to check out the new horror film Winchester.

Kids & Clays

Kids & Clays

This year Kids & Clays will host 23 sporting clays, trap and skeet events, each organized by the respective area’s Ronald McDonald House Charity.

Pheasant Bonanza

Pheasant Bonanza offers 2,500 acres of prime upland cover as well as luxury accommodations in the new Benjamin Schoonover Lodge.

Dog trainer and guide Tracey Lieske

Wild Wing North Outfitters

Dog trainer and guide Tracey Lieske has used the Northern grouse woods as summer training grounds for many years.