Stoeger M3020

Waterfowl season is here and one popular choice in downsized duck guns is Stoeger’s M3020

Avian Flu

The principal reservoir for avian influenza viruses appears to be wild waterfowl

Tips for Senior Shots

The most important aspect of shooting and hunting is safety, and older hunters can minimize risks by not only exercising but also choosing appropriate equipment, cover and terrain.

Fine-tuning the Fundamentals

With hunting season fast approaching, it’s worth taking a fresh look at the role that the eyes, hands, feet and gun mount play in shooting.

Notable New Loads for ’22

Each year most shotshell manufacturers introduce new loads and/or changes to existing loads. Some years a few loads are introduced that prove to be...

Thoughts on Triggers

A fine shotgun is a synthesis of form and function. One might make the case that quality, as defined by a shotgun, is the...

Heat-Related Illness

During the summer, one way to avoid heat-related illness is to train in more-open areas, so that there is air circulation. Even a slight breeze will help dogs cool down.