Benelli 828 U Sport

Benelli has not taken the break-action-shotgun world by storm the way it did with autoloaders when its Super Black Eagle...

Thinking Beyond Birds

Who would have ever guessed that the tools most important to the salvation of ducks would be caramel, coffee, and conversation?   —Michael Furtman,...

Feet, Don't Fail Me Now

More years ago than I like to remember, a friend and I made the long drive from snowy Wisconsin to West Texas for a...

Assumptions That Can Bite

The longer I’ve worked with and written for shotgunners (40-plus years now), the more I’ve come to realize that a large number of them...

Considering Checkering

Those who’ve done it will attest that it is an unsettling feeling to pick up a gun whose stock is devoid of checkering. Though...

On Choosing Chokes

Much has been said and written about which chokes to use on which targets to get the best result: that ball of dust when...

TriStar Trinity

The Trinity over/under is a shining example of the value that TriStar offers

Pigeon Grade

Although there are several ways to “dizzy” a pigeon to keep it from flying away once planted, it’s easier and more reliable to use a release trap.

It's All About the Eyes

When working on marking drills with a young or inexperienced dog, train in light cover, use bumpers that stand out against the background, and have your assistant wear white.

Birds, Bees & Butterflies

Old food plots can be turned into pollinator, or “bugging,” plots by seeding them with native wildflowers.

The Game Fair

The English Game Fair is the ultimate celebration of country sports, and this year’s event had more than 120,000 visitors attend during each of its three days.