The opener: Squadron Leader | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Squadron Leader

The photo makes it look like the hawk is leading a squadron of pintails, but the ducks weren’t following that bad boy anywhere

Bow Wave | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Bow Wave

The first day of spring for me is the day the wood ducks reappear in my backyard wetlands. Nothing says winter is over like...

A Test of Training | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

A Test of Training

Training is everything and so is breed. Chester, a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon displays control and poise.

A Rocketing Rock! | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

A Rocketing Rock!

Interior Alaska is reserved for hunting ruffed and sharp-tailed grouse, but once winter arrives, the dogs and I turn to ptarmigan.

Baby Wood Ducks

Leap of Faith!

One by one, 10 baby wood ducks jumped from the nest to the ground, some 20 feet below.