Fine Guns

The Gough Thomas Atkin

The Gough Thomas Atkin

Who hasn’t fantasized about the ideal double? We all have ideas of what makes a perfect gun, yet few of us ever will put those ideas into practice.

Royal Berkshire Shooting Group & Purdey

Purdey’s Purchases Shooting Grounds

The shooting school, which is set on 65 acres, features a outlet and is home to The Really Wild Clay Company, which arranges simulated shoots across the UK.

Kevin Kelly's Golden Quail

Kevin’s Golden Quail Takes Off

To hear the story, you might think that Kevin Kelly has a bit of a Midas touch when it comes to setting up Italian shotguns for the American buyer.

Country Pursuits & Outfitters.

Country Pursuits & Outfitters Opens

When one door closes, another opens. We all have heard this paraphrased often enough, as it has come to invigorate an eternal optimism that good things may be made from regrettable circumstances.

Giulio Bernardelli 28-Gauge Hammergun

Giulio Bernardelli 28-Gauge Hammergun

Double Guns of Nashville imports these excellent guns, and co-founder Barry Rich was kind enough to loan us a Giulio Bernardelli 28-gauge hammergun to review.

Canada Goose

Duck! Goose!

Whether in a duck blind or a dove field, many of us have dropped a bird nearby and thought, Wow, I bet that would hurt. For Maryland resident Robert Meilhammer, the hypothetical recently became all too real.

CZ Swamp Magnum

CZ Swamp Magnum

Swamp Magnum. The name alone strikes fear in the hearts of ducks and geese. As it should.