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McKay Brown Changes Ownership | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

McKay Brown Changes Ownership

David McKay Brown’s superlative round-action guns will continue to be made in Scotland, following the recent acquisition of his business by Buchan Guns.

Matched Pairs Relaunched | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Matched Pairs Relaunched

This past March Adam Morton of the Morton Sporting Agency bought the business from Joe Hall and, partnered with Ash Shaw of Fine Sporting Accessories, intends to revamp the business and create a presence on social media.

Chapuis Faisan Artisan | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Chapuis Faisan Artisan

If looks could kill, you would quickly limit out when shooting this Chapuis Faisan Artisan over/under 28-gauge.

TriStar Bristol

The TriStar Bristol: a good-shooting side-by-side at a modest price.