May/June 2022


The Story of Ryglen Gundogs

Celebrating the joy of English cockers

by Reid Bryant

All-American Pumps

Versatile, reliable, affordable slide-action classics

by Phil Bourjaily

Heading for the Hills

A mixed-bag adventure at Highland Hills Ranch

by Ralph Stuart

Just Another Dog Story

Remembering a dog that knew his business

by Roger Pinckney


From the Editor

In appreciation of “pocket rockets”


Cover critiques, SAAMI specs and requesting shots of guns as a whole

The Opener

Snap-shooting a tight formation of shoveler drakes

Game & Gun Gazette

A bonus Readers & Writers Adventure, the Krieghoff K20/S , a new over/under from A.A. Brown and more


Gear Guide

Testing connections with dog-training leads
by Ralph Stuart


Mastering bobwhites at the Clays and Quail School
by Chris Batha

Shot Talk

Addressing two mistakes that shotgunners
often make

by Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

Protecting dogs from the dangers of “mean seeds”
by John Stewart Wright

Gun Review

The Kolar Max Clays: a target gun for serious shooters
by Bruce Buck

Field Gear

Products for dog training and beyond
by The Editors

To the Point

The gastronomic pleasures—or not—of field lunches
by Tom Huggler

On the Cover

Jay Lowry and two of his Ryglen Gundogs. Photograph by Aaron Davis.

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  1. says: Michael McGee

    Just a note on Roger Pinckney’s Dog article, good story, but I fail to understand the various comments from various writers about Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. I think most of these negative stories sometimes come from people who may have had an experience with these incredibly brave dogs that was not exactly positive, but seem to lump all Chesapeake’s into one negative aspect, I sometimes think they have had very little knowledge of the breed overall. I just seem to read this type of article too often.

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