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Quail hunting at Fishing Creek Farms

At Fishing Creek Farms, the difference is in the details

When some wingshooters think of Southern quail hunting, they picture commercial operations with rough-edged guides, unmannered dogs and birds that could just as easily be dropped with rocks as with guns. They imagine put-and-take affairs where the focus is on quantity over quality—where it’s more about pulling the trigger than immersing oneself in the experience. These hunters have never enjoyed time at Fishing Creek Farms.

Located in northern Georgia, Fishing Creek caters to discerning quail hunters who value the traditions of the sport. From the lodge’s intimate setting to its relaxed atmosphere and well-managed habitat, this exceptional property offers an experience that is unique on many levels.

One thing that sets it apart is the “where.” Fishing Creek just looks different from the plantations in Georgia’s Coastal Plain. That’s because the lodge is located in the state’s Piedmont region, characterized by rolling hills and valleys. The cover is classic longleaf pines and wiregrass, but instead of walking through flat fields, hunters negotiate gentle slopes as they move back and forth between custom Polaris Rangers and the numerous pointed coveys. The hills also add a challenge to the shooting, as they disguise the quail’s flight lines and are quick to obscure hard-flying birds that dip behind them.

Another difference at Fishing Creek is the dog power. Not only does the lodge boast of having some of the finest pointing and flushing dogs in the country, but it also has a dog-training and -breeding facility right on the premises. Owned and operated by Scott and Tyla Kuhn—the husband-and-wife team that also manages the lodge—SunSage Sporting Dogs is a working kennel specializing in German shorthairs, pointers and English cocker spaniels. In the field the dogs work in tandem, with the pointing dogs finding the birds and the cockers sending them skyward, and guests are often amazed at how talented and well-mannered the dogs are. In fact, guests who are so impressed with their canine companions that they simply must have one can often make arrangements to buy a puppy, a started dog or sometimes even a finished dog from the guide string. Now that is a rare benefit.

Speaking of rare benefits, you won’t hear other parties’ guns firing at Fishing Creek. That’s because the lodge offers a “private quail hunting experience,” with groups of four to six hunters enjoying exclusive use of the facilities. Stay for two days or more, and you can even customize your itinerary. For example, if your group wants to end the hunt early in order to shoot the 5 Stand setup, not a problem. Or maybe you want to do some bass fishing in one of the property’s ponds or enjoy a bourbon and cigar at the new Lake Club. Just about any schedule can be arranged.

That Fishing Creek Farms is exceptional in so many ways points to the boutique nature of this special lodge. Far from the experience of simply feeling like a number, guests receive personalized service and are treated like family. The laid-back pace and attention to detail encourage savoring—from the grounds, dogs and birds to the accommodations and amenities to the gourmet meals and fine wines. It is a setting purpose built for making memories.

Fishing Creek Farms is a full-service Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge. To learn more or to make a reservation, call 541-678-3551 or email

Images courtesy of Fishing Creek Farms.

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