The ‘New’ Purdey Sporter

British shotguns have changed hugely over the past couple of decades. Potential buyers under the age of 50 have rarely experienced bespoke side-by-sides, let alone hand-built guns. Many have been brought up shooting Italian over/unders. According to English auctioneer Gavin Gardiner, they buy “technology, not tradition.” James Purdey & Sons’ “new” Sporter is intended to address this shift in demand.

During 2007, working closely with Italian gunmaker Perugini & Visini, Purdey introduced its original triggerplate Sporter in 12 bore. In 2022 Purdey brought every aspect of Sporter production in-house and began offering 20- and 28-bore versions. This second-generation model features a low-profile triggerplate action that is immensely strong and ideally suited to high-volume shooting. It is the first Purdey model to have an anti-corrosion coating applied to the internal parts of the action and, like others models in the company’s portfolio, is steel proofed. 

It has a reduced barrel weight, making the gun lighter (the 20 has a target weight of 6 to 7 pounds), and is well-balanced and better-handling. Teague chokes are standard, but fixed chokes are available. The gun also has a single inertia trigger. For the first time the Sporter has its own rose & scroll engraving pattern.

According to a press release, “The model will remain the welcome level to Purdey guns at £42,500 [$51,000] plus VAT, and while some aspects of customisation are more limited, it will always be unique to its owner.” Delivery time is said to be as soon as six months.

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