May/June 2020

Illustration by Gordon Allen

Royal Flush

Bird hunters live for the “flush rush”—that catch of breath, that endorphin sluice—triggered by “Bird up!” or the roar of wings. Odd, though, how the order of such drama changes as we grow older.

Rio’s Pro Eco Wad

Rio’s Pro Eco Wad

Rio’s Pro Eco Wad is made from organic vegetable materials and is 100% biodegradable and totally water soluble.

Elmer Crowell: Father of American Bird Carving, by Stephen B. O’Brien Jr. and Chelsie W. Olney

A Book on the Father of Bird Carving

Elmer Crowell: Father of American Bird Carving is a biography of a gifted man, a view into a bygone era of abundant waterfowl and rich sporting enthusiasts, and a gallery of exquisite photographs of beautifully carved and lovingly painted decoys.

Caesar Guerini Revenant

Caesar Guerini Revenant

The Revenant, which comes in a Negrini case, has a Boss-style forend iron and an action exterior with flowing, attractive lines. The full-coverage engraving is most impressive.

Shotgunning in the Automatic Mind: The Guide for Shotgunners and Instructors

Shotgunning in ‘the Zone’

Shotgunning in the Automatic Mind: The Guide for Shotgunners and Instructors offers a premise that is hard to argue with: that success requires a shooter to shoot in “the zone”

Smith & Torok case

Making a Case for Cases

With the days of sliding one’s best gun into a fleece-lined slip and chucking it into the back of an SUV being long gone, casing today’s high-art guns—together with the equipage that comes with them—provides new opportunities for the style-conscious sport.

Left: Robin Brown removes a packed pot from the kiln and heads for the cold-water quench. Right: an action body freshly imbued with color and a hardened surface.

Color Case Hardening

Finishing is a defining element of fine British gunmaking: a dash of scroll on the locks, the deep luster of an oil-rubbed stock and the rich blacking of the barrels. But perhaps even more significant is the color case hardening, which is the icing on the cake and serves to both protect and provide a splash of color where none otherwise would exist.

Buchan’s New Firelock

Buchan’s New Firelock

If you associate Scottish gunmaking with trim round-actions, you are not alone. However, for those who champion a broader view of Caledonian firearms, there is Buchan Guns, which offers both an Italian-style triggerplate over/under and a London-style sidelock designed, built and finished in Scotland.