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Nontoxic-Shot Developments

In late 2023 there were two important nontoxic-shot developments announced that should become readily available in 2024. RotoMetals’ Prototype Bismuth Shot RotoMetals, a manufacturer...

Choosing a Shot Type

Today’s shotgunner is confronted (and often confused) by an ever-increasing variety of shot types. Which one to use for what? That is the question....

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Why Upland Hunters Miss

Prior to each hunting season, it is a good idea to address the issues that have caused you to miss in the past. Everyone...

For safe, accurate and reliable information about a gun’s proof marks, email the proof house in the country of the gun’s manufacture.

More Information Needed

Here are some answers to common questions by readers who need shotshell information in regards to vintage or inherited shotguns.

Fiocchi’s Golden Waterfowl Bismuth

New Shells for ’23

Despite shotshell-product-availability issues, especially with hunting loads, that continue largely unabated, here's what's new for 2023.

What’s in a Crimp?

Every modern plastic or paper shotshell has a crimp. And all of them have crimps for the same principal purpose: to keep the shot...

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Assumptions That Can Bite

The longer I’ve worked with and written for shotgunners (40-plus years now), the more I’ve come to realize that a large number of them...

Issues & Answers | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Shot Talk: Issues & Answers

It’s time again for my annual sharing of letters with issues and answers of broad interest to SSM readers. Following is a sample of...

Does Speed Kill? | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Does Speed Kill?

Provided the correct pellet type and size are used and minimum pattern counts can be produced at particular ranges, only modest shotshell velocities are needed to kill game and break targets.

Notable New Loads for ’22 | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Notable New Loads for ’22

Each year most shotshell manufacturers introduce new loads and/or changes to existing loads. Some years a few loads are introduced that prove to be...