November/December 2008


Bespoke from Beretta

'Best' guns from the world's oldest maker

By: Douglas Tate

Eastern Oregon Odyssey

Four species in an oft-overlooked landscape

By: Steve Helsley

and Roger Sanger

Banzai, Browning!

An inside look at the Miroku facilities in Japan

By: John M. Taylor

Woodcock in Paradise

Following the flight to phenomenal hunting

By: Ed Carroll

Shooting in Shelikof

Duck hunting in the Shelikof Strait of Alaska

By: Lee Thomas Kjos

Swinton '98

A tale of driven grouse shooting at Swinton and certain irregularities

By: Bob McDill

Getting Into Geese

Recommendations for decoys, calls, and layout blinds and their appropriate use for hunting Canada geese

By: Bill Buckley

The No-Longer-Neglected Duck Call

A history of duck calls, their construction and use

By: John M. Taylor


From the Editor

A first-ever duck hunt and this year's waterfowl issue.

By: Ralph P. Stuart


Kudos for Batha; confidence & conclusions with McIntosh

Game & Gun Gazette

Woodcock & Whisky, The Bird Hunter's Friend to the End, "Making Damascus Barrels," "Dressed to Kill: Women Who Hunt," A Double-Gun Speed Loader, The Dewing Reale Custom Side-by-Side


Passing on the joys of shooting

By: Michael McIntosh

Fine Gunmaking

Answering questions on sideplated Guyots, trigger conversions and more

By: Steven Dodd Hughes

Shot Talk

A discussion of several inexpensive tools that offer a wealth of information to the serious shotgunner

By: Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

"Bonking" your way to better behavior

By: George Hickox

Sporting Clays

Proper posture: A calm head prevails

By: Chris Batha

Gun Review

Beretta's SV10 Perennia: new shape, new features, proven performance


How Gianfranco Pedersoli reinvented gun engraving

By: Vic Venters

FIeld Gear

Dekes, a boot bag, gun oil, gloves and more for the cold & wet

By: Tom Huggler

Book Review

Johnson, Kerasote, Lepage & Fersen, and Budworth

By: Charles Fergus

The Major

Allergies: our most terrible season

By: Galen Winter


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