Piotti Offers New Sidelevers

Piotti Offers New Sidelevers | Shooting Sportsman Magazine
Photograph courtesy of Piotti

For all of its preeminence in luxury firearms, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the Italian fine-gun trade dates from only 1960. Marco Scipioni made exactly this point in a recent article on F.lli Piotti in Armi Magazine. After briefly mentioning exceptions, he writes: “But it is precisely from 1960 onwards that some companies and industrial realities were born, destined to impose in a relatively few years the Italian shotgun on the world scene as ‘The Shotgun,’ which the Europeans and Americans would be forced to confront.” He then makes the point that all the famous firms were founded immediately after this date. Piotti tops his list.

Araldo and Faustino Piotti launched their gunmaking firm in 1960, so they were certainly in on the ground floor. From the beginning, the brothers gave serious consideration to exactly what defined a best gun and concluded that the correct choice of the mechanical system was paramount. They adopted the designs of the Holland & Holland sidelock and the Westley Richards droplock. Now new from the company for 2022 comes a sidelever hammergun and a sidelever over/under.

Built entirely on a bespoke basis so that no two look alike, the guns feature chopper-lump barrels capable of digesting lead or steel. Full custom execution means the client can opt for his or her own ideas when it comes to the shape of the action. With the hammergun, this is also true of the shape of the self-cocking hammers.

No nation has risen higher or faster in fine firearms than Italy. By effectively coupling rich heritage arts and craft skills with established best-gun mechanics, the country has made itself numero uno in the European gun trade. Piotti exemplifies this success like few other makers.

For more information, contact US importer William Larkin Moore.

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