Five Must-Do Activities at Flying B Ranch

Pointing Dogs at Flying B Ranch

At the upper end of the list of top luxury bird hunting lodges is Idaho’s Flying B Ranch, home to some of the country’s best walk-up hunting for upland birds. The lodge’s wingshooting and fine dining are worth the trip in and of themselves, but here are five ways to get even more out of a visit to “The B.”

Snap Some Pics

You would be hard pressed to find a more picturesque wingshooting setting than the Clearwater region of northern Idaho. Lawyer Creek Canyon, in which The B is situated, is surrounded by captivating Western mountain scenery. So put that phone or camera to work to not only share pics with family and friends throughout the hunt but also preserve the memories for future reminiscing. Non-hunting family members are also welcome to accompany hunting parties in the field so they can soak up the scenery and take advantage of photo opportunities—and perhaps be enticed to hunt themselves in the future.

Befriend the Staff

Flying B is run by the most helpful and hospitable staff you’ll encounter. Their sunny dispositions and irrepressible enthusiasm are infectious and add to the warm ambiance of the lodge. Take some time to get to know them when you arrive, and it will add yet another awesome dimension to an already phenomenal trip.

Relax by the Fire

A centerpiece of The B’s 14,000-square-foot lodge is the grand stone fireplace in the great room. With a crackling fire, mountain scenery outside the windows and a full-body cougar mount slinking above the mantel, you can enjoy the perfect venue for morning coffee or happy hour . . . and for taking more pictures!

Flying B Ranch Main Fireplace Cougar Mount

Treat Yourself to a Massage

Will your muscles ache from hunting The B’s rigorous mountain terrain? Probably not, because most of the wingshooting is enjoyed in comparatively flat areas rather than on the steep hills. That said, you don’t need an excuse to enjoy some blissful relaxation at the hands of a certified masseuse after enjoying a leisurely hunt along the creek bottom. It’s also an excellent way to recharge your body (and soul) for the next day’s hunt.

Hit the Patio at Night

A visit to Flying B is best described as a handful of monumental experiences mixed with an abundance of simple pleasures. To partake in one of the latter, slip out to the patio before turning in for the night and enjoy scenes of moonlit mountain peaks and star-filled skies in the quiet evening air. Sip on a night cap around the crackling open fire pit with friends or enjoy a soak in the hot tub facing the signature canyon wall across Lawyer Creek. It's the perfect dose of tranquility to end the day.

Flying B Ranch is a full-service Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge. To learn more or to make a reservation, call 208-935-0755 or email

Photographs courtesy of Flying B Ranch.

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