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Tracking-and-Training Devices

The distance display on the Garmin Alpha 300 resembled one of those rapidly spinning cartoon odometers: 300 yards, 350 yards, 400 yards . ....

dog in grass

On Choosing a Pointing Dog

As bird hunters, we all appreciate the beauty of a classy pointing dog that hunts in control, sticks every point and effortlessly retrieves downed...

Lost Dog!

Few experiences in the field are worse than knowing your dog is out there somewhere yet having no idea where. I’m not talking about...

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Cover Dogs to Covet

There have been a lot of changes in wingshooting in the past century or so. Side-by-side shotguns have been joined by over/unders, pumps and...

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Breaking, Bad

Breaking is the opposite of steadiness, and one of the most irritating behaviors retriever owners typically deal with.

It's All About the Eyes | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

It's All About the Eyes

When working on marking drills with a young or inexperienced dog, train in light cover, use bumpers that stand out against the background, and have your assistant wear white.

Heat-Related Illness | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Heat-Related Illness

During the summer, one way to avoid heat-related illness is to train in more-open areas, so that there is air circulation. Even a slight breeze will help dogs cool down.

Canine Acuity | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Canine Acuity

Anyone who has owned bird dogs knows the road to understanding their behavior runs both ways: We learn as much as we teach—and sometimes a lot more.