Hunting Dogs

Canine Acuity | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Canine Acuity

Anyone who has owned bird dogs knows the road to understanding their behavior runs both ways: We learn as much as we teach—and sometimes a lot more.

A Test of Training | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

A Test of Training

Training is everything and so is breed. Chester, a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon displays control and poise.

Hunting Dogs - The Human Factor - Shooting Sportsman Magazine

The Human Factor in Dog Training

Ben O. Williams, author of Bird Dog, The Instinctive Training Method, preaches a more hands-off approach to training—letting dogs figure out things on their own.

Tally Ho Dog Transport

Tally Ho Saddles Up

Operating out of Lake George, New York, Tally Ho has a fastidious approach to moving dogs between owners, trainers and the field.

trainer Jerry Cacchio

A Life Among Flushing Dogs

Through the years trainer Jerry Cacchio developed a keen eye for interpreting dogs' physical communications and for assessing the miscommunications of handlers.

Hunting Traps


What to do—and not to do—if your dog gets caught in a trap.

Training Bird Dogs with Ronnie Smith Kennels

A Dog-Training Treatise

When training my pointer puppy years ago, I wish I had known about the Smith Training Method, outlined and detailed in the exceptionally helpful book Training Bird Dogs with Ronnie Smith Kennels.

Dog-Days Gear

Dog-Days Gear

Now is the time to be thinking about gundogs. The following items will serve at home, in the field and in between this season.

Candlewood Kennels

Candlewood Kennels

For almost 60 years some of the finest Labrador retrievers in the world—national champions, hall-of-famers, sires and dams that have made incalculable contributions to the breed—have come from Mary Howley’s Candlewood Kennels.