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Quail Hunting With a Passion

Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodges - Pine Hill 2022 Pine Hill Plantation offers the quintessential South Georgia quail hunting experience. Maintaining a venue for traditional...

The Private-Plantation Experience | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

The Private-Plantation Experience

It’s a song of the South. Music to the ears of those who yearn for bygone days when the world moved at a slower pace and days afield were meant to be savored.

Pine Hill Plantation

The Draw of Mule-Drawn Wagons

Pine Hill Plantation is one of onl a few places where hunters can enjoy bobwhite hunting exclusively from horseback and mule-drawn wagon.

Pine Hill Plantation FAQs

Join the Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge Program for a quick Q&A that delves into the mystique of Pine Hill Plantation’s special brand of wingshooting. Pine...

Advice On “Big Covey” Shooting

Advice On “Big Covey” Shooting

Is there anything in the wingshooting world that triggers a greater adrenaline rush than having a covey of 20 quail erupt in your face?...

Pine Hill Plantation

Behind the Scenes at Pine Hill Plantation

The Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge Program continues its “behind the scenes” series with Pine Hill Plantation, in South Georgia. Owner Doug Coe was happy to answer a few...