Elmer Crowell: Father of American Bird Carving, by Stephen B. O’Brien Jr. and Chelsie W. Olney

A Book on the Father of Bird Carving

Elmer Crowell: Father of American Bird Carving is a biography of a gifted man, a view into a bygone era of abundant waterfowl and rich sporting enthusiasts, and a gallery of exquisite photographs of beautifully carved and lovingly painted decoys.

British Gunmakers of the 21st Century

The Bookshelf

Authors Donald Dallas and David J. Baker are heavyweights in writing about the history and development of the British sporting-gun trade in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Tall Timbers’ Bobwhite Quail Management Handbook

Bobwhites by the Book

As wild-quail populations nose-dived in the Southeast in the 1980s, relative declines on even well-managed private plantations in north Florida and south Georgia proved that they, too, were not immune.