Purdey’s New 20-Bore Trigger Plate

Purdey’s New 20-Bore Trigger Plate | Shooting Sportsman Magazine
Courtesy of James Purdey & Sons

What we create for one purpose has a way of being useful for another. Take James Purdey & Sons’ 12-bore Trigger Plate, which debuted in 2018 and clearly was intended for sporting clays but that some adopted for game shooting. Now Purdey’s has introduced a scaled-down 20-bore version “suitable for both driven and walked-up shooting.”

Designed to easily digest both steel and heavy lead loads, the new Purdey is entirely customizable, including barrel length (26" to 32"), chamber length (2¾" or 3"), proof (superior lead or steel), trigger (non-selective or selective), rib type (solid or ventilated), chokes (fixed or Teague), engraving (traditional rose & scroll or bespoke), finish (silver or color hardened), safety (automatic or manual), stock wood (customer’s selection from stored blanks), heel finish (checkered, plain or leather-covered recoil pad), oval (silver or gold) and case (Purdey ABS or custom leather). The new gun is built entirely in London and features the bulletproof triggerplate mechanism of the previous model.

One triggerplate perk is instant interchangeability. If there is a failure, simply slot home a spare mechanism and keep shooting. I asked Andrew Ambrose, Purdey’s Director of Gun Sales, about other advantages. “The main advantage of the trigger plate is that it is very much easier to clean and maintain compared to, say, a sidelock,” he said. “As you know, the secret to really looking after any best gun is cleaning and maintenance. It is also a very strong action because of its design, despite the ease with which the mechanism can be removed.” Pocketing the trigger group and rendering the gun unusable to children or robbers is yet another benefit often cited by UK gun owners.

The gun starts at £65,000 ($90,500), with some options adding to the cost. Delivery time is currently 12 to 14 months from confirmation. For more information, visit purdey.com.

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