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A great wingshooting excursion offers a hunter myriad wonderful opportunities, not the least of which is a chance to get away from the tasks and responsibilities of everyday life—work, community and, yes, even family commitments.  But sometimes the list of responsibilities gets so extensive and the amount of available time so sparse that it becomes nearly impossible to drop everything for the sake of a good bird hunt. In addition, quality time spent with family often takes precedence, as it should. Fortunately, there are ways to have one’s cake and eat it, too; and there is no better example than taking a trip to Virginia’s Primland Resort, which serves as not only a great family getaway but also a high-quality wingshooting destination. The best of both worlds.

Primland is known internationally for its driven-pheasant shoots—all-day affairs that require a minimum of eight Guns. These are great opportunities, for sure, but probably more than can be pulled off on a family vacation. The beauty of it is that Primland also offers half-day upland hunts for pheasants, chukars and quail that present the perfect opportunity for shooters to slip away for a few hours and enjoy first-class hunting with great guides and excellent dogs. An outing or two of this type should amply cover the hunting side of the trip. 

So what does everyone else do when one or more members of the group are chasing birds on a remote section of the resort’s 12,000 acres? That’s a difficult question to answer. Not because the options are few but because the list of activities is so long that it can be difficult to decide. And there is enough diversity within the selection to appeal to adults and children of all ages. There is clay target shooting, golf, tennis, a spa, hiking, fishing, indoor swimming, ATV riding, archery, mountain biking, fine dining, horseback riding and more. (At day’s end there is even a fully equipped observatory with two Celestron telescopes for those who enjoy stargazing.) Whatever the activity, one constant is that the amenities are of the highest quality. From the well-maintained tennis courts to the immaculately clean swimming pool and equine facility, everything is beautifully tended to and properly staffed. Not only that, but all of the activities—hunting and non-hunting alike—take place in a stunning luxury-resort setting, replete with a wide variety of premium lodging options and scenic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Although Primland is an excellent place for any sort of trip, it truly shines as a venue for hunting and family getaways. It’s hard to feel guilty about indulging in a little wingshooting fun when there’s a good chance that your other family members are enjoying themselves as much as you are.

Primland is a full-service Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge. To learn more about Primland, call 276-222-3800 or email

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