Like having your own plantation

Shooting Sportsman Endorced Lodge Fishing Creek Farms

What quail hunter has not dreamed of owning a plantation? A place with well-managed habitat, stylish dogs, wonderful accommodations and plenty of hard-flying birds. A private ground to share with family and friends and business associates.

For those looking to make their dream a reality, Fishing Creek Farms offers the private-plantation experience. Located in Union Point, Georgia, Fishing Creek offers a standard package in which guests stay in the main lodge with other guests, but it also offers a more personalized option, where guests enjoy private accommodations in separate lodges. “Some guests really like to enjoy the same level of ease and comfort that they do at home,” said Lodge Manager Tyla Kuhn. “We have challenged ourselves to deliver that kind of personalize experience to our clientele.”

Fishing Creek is located at the end of a remote rural road in Georgia’s northeastern Piedmont, and from the moment visitors pass through the gated entrance, they sense that they are entering a refuge from the outside world. Lodging options consist of the main lodge, Over/Under, Side-by-Side and Matched Pair lodges—the Matched Pair being perfectly suited for exclusive use by groups of four. All are spacious and well-appointed, with handmade furnishings, en suite bathrooms and stacked-stone fireplaces. There are three separate outdoor fire pits as well. As with the main lodge, these exclusive facilities are tended to by world-class staff who are extremely personable yet highly professional. According to Kuhn: “Our staff works hard to quickly identify the affinities of each of our guests. So in addition to standard items, like nightly turndown service, they’ll identify snack and cocktail preferences, for example, and cater to them.” Meals usually are enjoyed with other guests in the main lodge, but a new 500-bottle wine cellar includes an elegant dining room for parties seeking more seclusion.

The quail hunting takes place on Fishing Creek’s privately owned and intensively managed hunting grounds. Because parties are never mixed in the field, guests enjoy outings in the longleaf-pine-and-wiregrass habitat with familiar company. The lodge’s standard program includes a daily hunting itinerary, but private parties staying for two days or more are welcome to modify the schedule to better suit their needs. For example, if a group wants to end a quail hunt early in order to shoot clays with a certified Orvis/NSCA instructor, arrangements can be made. Guests are also welcome to hunt with their own dogs and/or request a specific guide from Fishing Creek’s highly accomplished field staff.

“Whenever possible,” Kuhn said, “we strive to offer guests some of the freedoms they’d enjoy if the place belonged to them. We love the fact that our repeat guests often put in advance requests for a specific staff member or hunting guide. That tells us our people are doing an outstanding job and that our guests are taking us up on the offer to make themselves right at home!”

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