A Good Day

A brace and a half of partridge.

Submitted By: Major Mountebank – Fowler

Submitted By: Major Mountebank – Fowler


  • Reply November 27, 2018

    Albert Byno

    Well done, Major!!!

    • Reply November 27, 2018

      Major Mountebank - Fowler

      Thank you Albert

      We were in an area where we had previously spotted both Pakistani partridge and the devious Hun. The Baroness, acutely aware of the demise of our delightful young canine, prepared a strategy whereby she would circumnavigate the higher ground while I would block their passage.

      You can see the results.

      Mountebank – Fowler

  • Reply November 28, 2018

    Albert Byno

    Splendid! Sounds like a variation of the “Semmens’ Pincer” that was so effective in the Sicily campaign. By the way, is that an Ascot or a cravat? A.B.

  • Reply November 29, 2018

    Major Mountebank Fowler

    It’s a Tootal! Thank you for asking Albert.

  • Reply January 5, 2019


    What a nice looking gun. Can you tell us more about it?

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